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Sistem Dante Audio PA

Dante intelligent public address system adopts modular and hierarchical design. Based on the most advanced Dante digital audio protocol, it realizes the lossless compression, long-distance transmission and humanized management of high-fidelity audio broadcasting signals. It is a highly networked, integrated and intelligent public address system. Making use of the existing LAN, it breaks through centralized control pattern of the traditional public address system, which can only be transmitted one way and controlled through the computer room. It can be strongly interactive, and is widely applicable to airports, docks, large events (such as the EXPO), sports stadium, railways, highways and other occasions.

● DANTE-based digital network audio transmission technology, a fully functional fire emergency PA system;
● A built-in 8-channel audio system that supports a large number of external source inputs;
● Full digital transmission, transmitting mainly through LAN, and the transmission distance can reach more than 10km;
● No less than 1000 zones are supported, zones and groups can be arbitrarily combined;
● Priority paging Mic:The main control room can page individual or all zones on the controller with receiving telephone paging.
● Intercom function: two pagers can page each other for intercom;
● When the terminal is disconnected, the playback will be automatically restored after recovery, and the zone information will be updated automatically after modification;
● The user interface is more intuitive and user-friendly, and the zone group name can be changed at any time with full keyboard input
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  • MAG2416 16x16 adaptor Audio dan Terminal pemutarMAG2416 16x16 adaptor Audio dan Terminal pemutarAugust 22, 2019MAG2416 adalah pemutar audio 16 × 16, yang mengadopsi teknologi transmisi audio digital LAN, tanpa kompresi sinyal, tanpa kehilangan, dan tanpa latensi. Ini memiliki 16 AUX IN dan 16 AUX OUT.view
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